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The Berlei post surgery Bra

The Berlei post surgery Bra Laced plus Wire-Free – A Brand New Ideal Garment for Post Surgery Times

The Berlei Bra Firm have come up with one more breakthrough bra design set to offer comfort to patients recuperating from a chest surgery whilst still retaining the patient’s busts looking hot. The Berlei post surgery Bra – post surgery lace-wire-free-bra is specifically intended for breast recovery folks. This bust recovery industry is mainly excluded from large market of numerous bra companies. But, individuals who are recovering from a bust surgery know very well how awkward and often hurtful normal bras could be. Therefore, it is ‘thumbs up’ to Berlei for discovering a breast support created for such recuperating individuals.

Exactly why This Berlei post surgery Bra?

There are specific features of this bra that work to make sure that the recovering patients gets covered on the two bra demands at the time of recovery – an excellent look and a cozy experience. To begin with, the bra does not have any wires trait of common bras. Thus it will not put any pressures on the breasts. Once more, there isn’t any seams on the bra to make the individual uneasy. Instead, a soft lace is employed to hitch the several areas of the brassiere. The lace concept doesn’t merely offer comfort but in addition makes the brassiere appear attractive.

To be able to supply comfort to the wearer the brassiere is made with 100 % natural cotton which is light on the skin. One more great feature of this Berlei post surgery Bra is definitely the extra support that’s placed on the cups to enhance shapeliness whilst not compromising on comfort. This is ideal even in the case of a mastectomy because the bra is able to keep the bust shape together with the support.

The Berlei post surgery Bra furthermore is included with seamless inside pockets additionally created from 100% pure cotton to help in the situation of fitting prosthesis after mastectomy.

Choices Available

This Berlei post surgery Bra has a wide variety of alternatives. The bandeau also comes in range of sizes starting from petite to plus sizes and you could obtain an ideal size for your busts. The brazier also come in numerous colors and lace patterns to pick from.

An Idea Gift
You can also utilize it to be a ‘get well’ gift item to someone recovering from bust surgery. This type of bras can be bought from garments stores that stock Berlei products. The bras can also be purchased on line from on line bra distributors.


The Berlei Sports Bra Company has recently launched a new bra which is designed to supply comfort to girls that are recovering from a bust surgery. The Berlei post surgery lace wire free bra is perfect for coziness and has cushioned cups, no seams and no wires. The bra also incorporates smooth cotton pockets on the cups to allow for prosthesis.


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