An Heroic Campaign from Jockey…

Jockey underwear has a long and illustrious history of providing men with briefs, boxers, singlets, and much more for many decades. They have recently released a global advertising campaign which may well be their cleverest yet…

The idea of putting sporting greats in underwear advertising campaigns is nothing new – and Jockey has done so, from  baseball’s Baltimore Oriole pitcher Jim Palmer in the 1970s, to basketball player Michael Jordan, and, more recently, soccer legend David Beckham.

The latest Jockey campaign, with the catchphrase slogan , “Supporting Greatness”, shows images truly great American heroes doing what they did in their briefs.


Astronaut and moonwalker Buzz Aldrin, military man General George Patton, and baseball king Babe Ruth were all known to wear Jockey briefs – that is a fact – and the company is taking advantage of the fact that these great men wore their merchandise.

Buzz Aldrin, now aged eighty-four, was the second man to walk on the moon – and he has expressed great pride in being a part of this exciting new campaign. As he said himself, “everybody wears underwear” and “this commercial is fun”.

The television commercials are especially fun. Aldrin is seen in a spacesuit on all kinds of planets, planting the American flag whilst swatting away aliens and asteroids. Commercial spots with Patton and Ruth are in planning stages.


There are both television and print commercials to be broadcast and published, and for Jockey, the aim is to remain cool, appeal to men as buyers of underwear, and to deliver the powerful message: that if these men wore Jockeys, today’s guys should do so as well.

And we know they did. Babe Ruth was a spokesman for Jockey during the years of his career; Patton, like almost all of the American military of the time, wore them, and Aldrin wore them in training as they were a supplier to NASA. (He did not actually wear them on the moon – apparently space requires specialised undergarments – who knew?).


The end message is that Jockey is enduring, reliable, functional, and supports greatness of all kinds in its wearer. Get yours from Undiewarehouse today!