Bizarre and Shocking Underwear Inventions

  • A controversial new line of lingerie called “Find Me if You Can” is creating waves as a modern day chastity belt for the digital age: the lace bodice, bikini bottom, and faux pearl collar is engineered with a GPS device in the bodice. It is actually a cheeky nod to women as, even if their partner programs the device, the woman can turn it off – if she has the password. While feminists decry the invention as the epitome of sexism and male dominance over women, some women are hailing it as a potential lifesaver for when they are out alone.


  • Truly bizarre is the line of knickers called the “Winter Coat” – women’s underwear with a pubic hair design on the front in the anatomically appropriate place. The real thing may not be back in style, as the continuing market for Brazilian bikini waxes attests, but faux pubic hair is apparently a fashion must have … somewhere, anyway.


  • Japanese arm of triumph International has introduced an eco-friendly bra with reusable chopsticks in a pocket at the side seam. The cups guarantee a definite bust as well; made of half- bowls, one is steamed rice and the other miso soup. Interesting.


  • Introducing the “Strapless Panty”: from company Shibue Couture, this piece of apparel eliminates all chances of any panty line at all. A piece of silicone at the front and another at the back keep it in place – apparently.


  • A new range of fetish wear inspired by French ladies of the sixteenth century has been produced by designer Nona de Samin. The “Breezy” Lingerie consists of backless panties and French knickers, made of cotton and silk, reminiscent of a time when women wore no underwear. It was believed at the time that an open crotch and buttock was more hygienic. From the front, the underwear appears “normal’; from behind, the derriere is bare.


  • Push Up Undies for men – for the guy who’d like a little extra oomph for his … assets. Enough said.


  • Novelty men’s undies from Japan are available in gold, silver, red, blue, and sequins. They have a metal tap (faucet) at the front. We don’t know why, either!