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Chastity Belt – Fact or Fiction?

This week we’re stepping away from the “norm” as regards lingerie, underwear, and hosiery, and taking a look at an item we’ve possibly all heard about historically, even joked about – but which we may be uncertain as to whether it ever really existed:  the chastity belt. What is a chastity belt? Put simply, it

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The Importance of a Post Surgery Bra

While it’s not something most women consider unless or until it becomes a personal necessity, if surgery is ever required to the breast area, we can’t stress highly enough the importance of the correct post-surgery bra.   There are myriad reasons why a woman may undergo breast surgery. It may be for cosmetic reasons –

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A Short History of Underwear #7 – Corsetry – 1875-1920

Another dramatic change in women’s fashion occurred around 1875; the large crinoline skirt made way for longer, slimmer lines of dress design. This elegant look, combined with such a narrow waist, had what is possibly an unsurprisingly positive effect on the male libido – even more incentive for women, during what was such a morally

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A Short History of Underwear Part 5: Women’s Corsetry #1 – 2000BC – 1790

A Short History of Underwear Part 5:  Women’s Corsetry #1 – 2000BC – 1790 Say the word “corset” and all kinds of images spring to mind: from sexy or fetishist lingerie to nightmare-inducing days of old where women were tight-laced within an inch of their lives (literally!) to fit with the dictates of the fashions

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Voodoo Hosiery

  Check out our enormous range of Voodoo Hosiery – including new lines just in! Whether you’re looking for sheers or opaques, fishnets or knee highs – we have it. Shop for your hosiery at undiewarehouse for the latest in style and fashion at the best prices you’ll find.  

A Short History of Underwear: Part 4 – 1930s – 2000.

A Short History of Underwear: Part 4 – 1930s – 2000. A big revolution in men’s underwear came in 1934 – with the introduction of Jockey’s Y-Front range. Having begun manufacturing men’s snug-fitting briefs – considered risqué at the time – in 1930, this new innovative Y-front diagonal vent feature was soon adapted into boxers

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