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A Short History of Underwear: Part 2 – Medieval Undies

A Short History of Underwear: Part 2 – Medieval Undies By the 1400’s, men’s underwear was beginning to change – a lot. It was still uncommon for women to wear undies, per se – unless they were prostitutes, in which case their undergarments were most likely worn as outer-garments.  Men, however, did wear undies of

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Love your Legs today!

Love your Legs today! With the weather cooling down, it’s time to hot up your legs with sexy, flattering hosiery. Check out our great new lines, including loads from Platinum Hosiery today! Whether you’re after fashion tights, opaques, fishnets, sheer pantyhose, knee-highs or footless tights, there is something for everyone here at the cheapest place

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A Short History of Underwear: Part 1 – The Ancients

A Short History of Underwear: Part 1 – The Ancients   Underwear.  We (almost!) all wear it in one form or another. Briefs or Boxers, Trunks or Jockstraps, Panties of various kinds – the choices are wide and varied and what we individually wear depends upon our own style, comfort and, in many cases, preferences ingrained

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Are you wearing the correct size bra?

Are you wearing the correct size bra? Below is an easy guide for you to work out yours at home: all you need is a tape measure. The “underarm” measurement is actually around your chest directly under the breasts. The cup is measured around the fullest part of the breasts with the tape measure parallel

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Sensational New Shapewear Lines from Cantaloop

All of us at Undiewarehouse are very pleased to announce two sensational new shapewear lines now available from Cantaloop: The Cantaloop Reshape Brief and the Cantaloop Reshape Boxer.   Especially designed to help women regain their shape after pregnancy, these great products provide extra support to the tummy area, while remaining comfortable enough to wear

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Good Morning from Undiewarehouse! Why not take advantage of our FREE SHIIPPING WEDNESDAY policy and treat yourself to a little something from us for Easter? From mens’ and womens’ undies to singlets, corsets to hosiery, bras to bandeaus and everything in between, you’re sure to find something you’ll love here at Who says Easter is

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Are you wearing the right Undies?

Do YOU have the right undies for the occasion? Don’t be caught out wearing the wrong ones! Visit to view our HUGE range of undies to suit any size, shape and style you require. From full briefs to g-strings, shapewear to camis, we have it all – and men’s undies as well. Happy Shopping!

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