Should You Go Commando?

We ladies all love our underwear. But some women love going commando – and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aside from missing out on wearing beautiful and sexy underwear, are there any cons to occasionally (or frequently) going commando? Are there any pros?

Aside from common decency (if wearing a short dress or short shorts) and modesty, why should we wear undies?

  • Underwear protects us from infections
  • Underwear protects us from parasites – for example, pubic lice and other nasties can live on towels and linen, and can be picked up very easily by sitting on these sans underwear
  • Underwear protects us from irritation, due to seams, studs and zippers in clothing
  • Underwear protects our outer clothing from natural bodily secretions and sweat, keeping odours and stains to a minimum

There are, however, some good reasons to go commando at least some of the time – like at night when sleeping, or when at home, or when wearing a maxi dress or skirt. Here’s why:

  • No underwear = no visible panty line. Of course a g-string eliminates this too, yet g-strings are not healthy to wear every day. Yeast infections and other regional issues are exacerbated by wearing a g-string, leading to potential urinary tract infections.
  • Underwear in summer traps heat and moisture. This can cause itching and, again, yeast infection – going commando allows for better air circulation in the region. This is imperative for optimal health.
  • Whisper to your guy that you’re sans underwear and he’s sure to look at you in a whole new and exciting light!

Our tips?

  • Whatever underwear you choose to wear, make sure the gusset is made of cotton
  • Change your underwear at least once a day, and shower or bathe at least once a day
  • Don’t use harsh bath products or feminine perfume products on your genitalia
  • Don’t wear g-strings every day and don’t wear them to sleep in at night
  • Avoid synthetics and polyesters in underwear on the hottest, most humid days. Cotton is your best friend.
  • Always wear underwear while menstruating
  • Make sure your underwear fits comfortably and is not too tight
  • Always wear underwear underneath jeans, capris, or other trouser-style clothing which has seams that can irritate the delicate genital area.
  • Even if it’s just at home in the evening, go commando from time to time. Especially if you suffer from yeast infections, irritation, or cystitis.
  • If you do choose to go commando – NOBODY NEEDS TO KNOW!!!
  • Buy underwear that you love – and you will love to wear. Whether you’re a girl who loves a lacy cheeky pair or cotton full coverage, you will rock it if you love it.