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Men’s Underwear 101

Men have been using underwear for centuries across different civilizations and perhaps were the first set of covering attire developed by the early man. The paintings or the photographs are available today of the earlier era obviously do not reveal its use, yet it is believed that they have been used for centuries. The style, shape and design of underwear used by men also have witnessed marked transformation over time. The objective of providing comfort and support to the user through adaptations of evolving technological innovations in the material (viz. elastic) and machines (viz. knitting) was the touchstone of the transformation processes.


Imagine that you accidentally go to outer space and meet aliens there. In the course of knowledge exchange with them about the culture and other relevant things, you have to describe underwear used by humans. The simple way to describe underwear would be to term it as a stitched piece of cloth which is worn next to skin and is covered by other outer clothes or attire; thus it is normally not seen in public. Citing cartoon character Superman would be beside the context here for he wears the underwear over its suit!!!
Despite being an innerwear which is hidden from public display, it has today become a quintessential fashion accessory for the modern generation. By definition, the demonstration is a very intrinsic characteristic of anything related to fashion. Brand consciousness and fashion complement each other in the consumer world. Even though the subject of underwear preference is seldom a matter of public conversation, bold ad campaigns by reputed underwear manufacturers have been successful in creating brand following for their merchandise. The sheer variety and designs of underwear available in the market under different brand names and price tags is enough to suggest that people do consider it a very important part of their dressing style. There are many international labels which boast of turnover of millions of dollars every year and have been flourishing in the business for decades now.
In modern times, briefs were perhaps the most preferred design which got widespread acceptance around the world. Trunks, Boxers, Shorts, Thongs, etc. are other popular types of men’s underwear styles. The designers of these underwear varieties offer the array of colour and print choices. This seems to be a trend which is likely to stay in the current age of consumerism where new demands are created every day.

Exposing the Truth: Men’s Undies and Fertility

Are you a guy who favours white Y-fronts, silky boxers, or Lycra trunks? Did you know your underwear of choice can actually affect your fertility?


There are numerous urban myths relating to a guy’s underwear of choice, and its implications for the sex of any babies he fathers. One popular story, believed by many, is that wearing tight undies will result in a baby boy, whereas looser garments will give the happy couple a baby girl. If only it was that simple!

Scientists and researchers have debunked this myth – let’s face it, in certain cultures, every man would be wearing the tightest briefs possible to ensure a long line of sons – and sons there would be, if it in fact worked. We know this is simply not the case.

There is, however, some truth to the idea that the style of underwear worn can impact on a man’s overall fertility.

A man’s testicles hang outside the pelvis for a reason – and it can’t be denied that inside the pelvis would be a safer environment. But optimal temperature is imperative for sperm production – it must be lower than the core body temperature – and at warmer temperatures, sperm counts diminish. Some researchers have found evidence to suggest that tight underwear, which holds the testes close to the body, particularly in warm weather, can be detrimental to a man’s sperm count (and consequently, his fertility).

Low sperm count is the cause of infertility in half of couples who struggle to conceive.

The effects of overheating the testicles are, fortunately, temporary, lasting from three to eleven weeks.  Additionally, there is some suggestion by scientists that polyester underwear also reduces sperm production, as this fabric creates electrostatic friction.

Some people have pondered this quandary to the extreme. There is even one company who has patented cooling boxers with the specific purpose of cooling the scrotum: organic cotton shorts with an ergonomic gel cold pack to insert into the undies. Wearers are “strongly advised “not to wear them for more than an hour at a time.

So what is the answer? Ideally, when trying to conceive, wear loose, cotton underwear. It needn’t be boxers, necessarily; gentle support is still important, particularly when exercising or playing sports. The key is to wear undies that aren’t too tight or restrictive, but are comfortable and allow a little “hang”. At the same time, don’t sit in hot spas, saunas, or baths, and don’t wear those tight skinny jeans. And don’t wear underwear to bed.

Boxers or Briefs?

This week we take a little pause from our corsetry / shapewear series to ponder the age-old question: boxers or briefs?


Essentially it all comes down to personal preference … but what are the pros and cons for each?

Traditionally, guys probably follow in the footsteps of their fathers when choosing what their underwear of choice is going to be and, as old habits do die hard, follow with the same throughout their entire lives. Today’s options, however,  for fashion, functionality and comfort, perhaps require a little more thought and consideration as to what underwear will really be best.

A tiny minority of guys will opt for the thong, and some prefer the commando sensation; the majority will choose between briefs, boxers, or trunks (tight boxers).

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Briefs are the most common choice for men of all ages, and are generally considered to be the least fashionable. Plain and no-nonsense, many consider briefs to be old-fashioned – yet they continue to be the most popular option for most guys. Many consider them to be more comfortable than boxers, and they do offer significant support to the genital area. Briefs are more comfortable for active wear and also for sitting for long periods, like for office work. A lot of men find, however, that briefs can be too tight and restrictive and even feel that circulation in the area can be impinged upon.

Loose boxer shorts have also been a mainstay of men’s underwear for many decades. They do look more aesthetically pleasing than briefs, and are great for comfort when sleeping if the guy doesn’t wish to sleep naked. Very little to no support is offered, however; not a great idea for wear during sporting activities, and they don’t offer a smooth line under clothing for long periods of seated wear. The other drawback of loose boxers is the inevitable wedgie…

Tight boxers, or trunks, are a more modern option. Stylish and very comfortable, they are the best of both worlds between briefs and loose boxers: support, comfort, style are all there. More expensive due to their current popularity, a lot of guys find the investment worth the price.

What do women prefer? There is an old saying that runs along the lines that women prefer men in boxers, and that guys who wear briefs (especially white Y-fronts!) are mama’s boys. Not at all true. Just like guys have their own preference, so do the women who love them. All that really matters to women is that the items are clean, changed regularly, and totally without stains! But there are a couple of guidelines… Briefs are a guy’s best friend if he’s wearing well-cut trousers – nobody wants to see crumpled butt or boxer-bulge through those stylish pants.

It’s a myth that boxers are better for male fertility; as long as briefs are not uncomfortably tight, all is well whatever the style of underwear he chooses.

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So what’s a guy to do? Best advice: try each and decide what works best. And perhaps go for what really is the best of all options-the boxer brief. Enjoy the experiment!