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Ways to Maximise the Health of your Breasts

What we put in our bras deserves some attention. Breast health is imperative; and breast cancer is not only a very common women’s cancer, but a big fear for most women from middle age.


Here are some tips for maximising breast health for a long life and plenty of wellbeing…

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight – being overweight has been shown to increase the risk of developing breast cancer. This may be because fat cells store oestrogen, a natural hormone which at high levels contributes to breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancers.


  • Regular Exercise – boosts immune function, prevents obesity, and lowers levels of insulin and oestrogen in the blood.


  • Moderate alcohol consumption – medical research has found that as few as two alcoholic drinks per day can increase breast cancer risk by more than twenty percent. Ironically, fresh grapes (which wine is made from) can potentially reduce the risks by lowering oestrogen levels. Drink in moderation and don’t have alcohol every day.


  • Enjoy a low fat, vegetable-rich diet – particularly broccoli, kale, and cauliflower.


  • Drink green tea – in particular, matcha Japanese green tea. It contains very high levels of antioxidants which fight inflammation in the body and may prevent the development of cancer.


  • Be aware of your family history – up to fifteen percent of breast cancers may be genetic. A mother, sister, or daughter with breast cancer or ovarian cancer doubles your own risk, and more than one of these with cancer of the breast or ovary increases personal risk fivefold. If you are of Eastern European Jewish descent or have a family history of breast and ovarian cancer, see your doctor about genetic testing.


  • Use HRT with Care – consult with your GP about the optimal time period for HRT use for its benefits and without risk. Additionally, if you use hormonal contraception, use the lowest dose you can.


  • Practice Self Examination – every woman, from age twenty, should get to know her own breasts and what is normal for her. Lumpiness and soreness may be normal for many women, and as long as nothing changes and no new lumps, soreness, or issues such as dimpling, redness, itching or nipple discharge occur, are usually of no concern. Any changes or concerns at all, see your GP.


  • Attend for Breast Screening – Australian guidelines suggest women have mammograms for screening every two years between the ages of fifty and seventy four. Younger women from age forty are welcome to have screening if they wish, however mammogram is not as effective in younger women with dense breast tissue.


Additionally, make sure your breasts feel good by wearing a correctly fitted, good quality bra. Massage your breasts in the shower from time to time, and sleep without a bra. If you prefer some support or coverage while sleeping, choose a crop top. Always wear a sports bra while exercising to offer extra protection. 

A Fetish for Stealing Undies

Just a couple of months ago, an hilarious news story was reported in which a Chinese man, having stolen and stashed hundreds of pieces of women’s lingerie, was exposed when a ceiling collapsed under the weight of his hidden stash.

Located in the southeast Chinese city of Yulin, the man, aged in his thirties, who later admitted to psychiatric issues and a lifelong obsession with women’s lingerie, had been stealing and hiding the underwear in a ceiling above an emergency exit in his building. After the ceiling collapse, police found more than two thousand items, including bras and panties hidden in the roof.


The underwear had, seemingly, been stolen from other residents in the offender’s housing complex – they had been complaining of missing and vanishing underwear for some time. The offender had accessed a master key and entered the other residents’ apartments during their absence with the sole aim of stealing and hoarding their underwear.

He stored his stolen items in his own ceiling, until he ran out of room there; at this point he accessed the ceiling cavities in communal fire escapes.

This is not the only underwear burglar to make his way to infamy in the news recently. A Singaporean man who had been stealing lingerie from women’s indoor washing lines was caught in the act – and was publicly shamed into wearing one of the stolen bras as he was paraded around the block.


Why do men steal women’s underwear?

  • Some men want a kinky keepsake of their sexual encounters with a specific woman.
  • Some men get off on the risk of pinching something intimate.
  • Some men get off on the thrill of stealing – full stop – and getting away with it.
  • Some men have a fetish for worn underwear. There is even an industry for selling and buying worn (and unwashed) panties. Japan even sells used panties in vending machines, alongside tobacco products and beer, so extreme is this fetish in that country.

What causes a man to have an underwear fetish? A Japanese study used MRI scanning technology to look at the brains of men with self-confessed panty fetishes, and found that decreased blood flow to the temporal and occipital lobes of the brain was a factor in all subjects.  Whether this is a cause or just a correlation is unknown. Like all fetishes, it begins in early life and is usually triggered by an event.

Japan’s “Boob Goddess”

We all love our beautiful bras, and as such we should all want to look after what goes into our bras. We all know this involves wearing well-fitted, supportive bras and regularly checking the breasts for anything abnormal. But what about breast massage?

A novel invention has recently come out of Japan (where else?). Invented by Japanese midwife and founder of the Wellness Life Institute, Takiko Shindo, aka the “Boob Goddess”, this is a modified “rake” which is claimed to firm a woman’s breasts – and to even make them bigger by up to three centimetres.


Called the Oppai Taisou Hand (which translates as “Boob exercise massage”), it is a pink hand-shaped plastic rake which is used to stroke and brush the breasts. Modelled on Shindo’s own hand, it looks a little like a blunt back scratcher. Shindo claims breast massage to be not only effective for enhancement of breast size and shape, but also to improve shoulder stiffness, menstrual cramping, menopausal symptoms, and overall breast health.


There are claims that there is “science” behind this strange invention. According to Shindo, the breast’s supporting ligaments need to move so that the naturally occurring breast fats don’t settle amongst the chest wall musculature, hence causing the breasts to sag.

Modern medicine and cosmetic surgeons tend to disagree with this theory. The fact is that ligaments do stretch over time – but unlike muscles, they never bounce back. Once they are stretched, they are stretched forever.

It’s not all bad news for this invention, though. Using the “rake” to massage and lift the opposite breast, the pectoral muscles are being massaged and exercised. These muscles lie under the breast tissues, and with exercise, they can be tightened and enlarged – providing better shape to the upper torso. It is also scientifically considered that stimulating the breasts mechanically can encourage breast growth. And better circulation is encouraged, which promotes better overall breast health.


Does it work? Who knows? But it has to be a cheaper, healthier option than getting breast implants!

The Joys of Bra Shopping – the Teen Perspective

As a teenager, I have mixed feelings about bras. Most of those feelings are negative. As an example, when the only bra I have left is that one bra which is visible through my shirt. As I walk around, I’m perfectly aware that every single person in my vicinity knows the colour of one half of my underwear. And I begin to wonder, why did I buy this bra? Ah, yes, bra shopping. I love shopping for myself, but bra shopping is something I could very easily do without.


Firstly, since I cannot drive, and when I’m starting out with bra shopping require some … assistance, I have to go with my mother. Which would normally be fine, if we were shopping for something like clothes or presents for friends. But bra shopping is a bit more perilous in this situation. It begins with the moment I walk into the bra section, and I am bombarded with the sight of neon pink and bright green bras, and I think “how do people even wear those without the aforementioned see-through shirt disaster?” With a quick glance over my shoulder to make sure there is no one I know within a 50 metre radius, I reluctantly press on further into the shopping section of doom.

It turns out, while I was busy contemplating the issue of bumping into school peers and neon bras, my mother has already picked out a selection for me to try on. And since I’ve already managed to get separated from her, she is forced to hold it up in the air and call out to me. At this moment, I have one of two choices: walk towards the bra being suspended in the air and reveal that it is beckoning for me; or I can hide, and no doubt succumb myself to more calling out and eventual anger from my mother. Let’s face it, angry mothers are scary. So, I make my way towards her, once again hoping that no one I know is nearby.

After a hasty discussion involving my mother holding the bra up to me and asking me whether I think it will fit (if I say yes, does that mean we can leave early?), I have to go try it on anyway. Now, I don’t know about you, but stripping down in a change room is hellishly awkward. They don’t have CCTV cameras in there, right? Not to mention the straps on this bra probably won’t be set right, and the band will be stubborn and not want to attach, and basically it will just be a disaster. Still, it’s a bra, and it fit eventually, so I’m done here, and I’m ready to leave this shop as soon as possible.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit harsh on the bra shopping experience. It is important, and when you learn you’ve gone up a bra size, well, that’s always a bit exciting (as a teen it is, anyway). There are definitely aspects which are less than desirable, and when you’re a teenager, the bad tends to outweigh the good. Thank goodness for online shopping at Undiewarehouse!

Weird and Shocking Undies Snippets…

  • Technological advances apply to underwear too! DEOEST, a Japanese manufacturer, proudly brings the latest innovative underwear invention, marketed as perfect for any man suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or following a high protein diet. Presenting the DEOEST deodorising boxer brief: engineered from textile fibres with ceramic nano particles and ions incorporated into the weave, it’s claimed these shorts will kill up to ninety five percent of sweat, gas, and any other foul aroma native to the region. Apparently, eighty percent of the odour is eliminated within thirty seconds of being emitted; the technology is good for up to one hundred washes if laundering instructions are followed. The question remains – will the guys wear them?

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  • How often do you wash your bra? It may (or may not!) come as a surprise to learn that many women rarely wash their bras – some almost never! Why not? Aside from the obvious laziness, bras can be destroyed in the washing machine if not placed in a lingerie bag. And most women are too lazy to hand wash … but bras are expensive. They deserve to be treated well. And failure to wash them will result in chemicals in sweat causing the fabric to deteriorate (not to mention, smell funkier as time goes on). Sweat from your armpits, cleavage, under your boobs, and from your back all winds up caught by your bra. So how often is right to launder this essential garment? After between three and six wears, depending on weather, humidity, perspiration, etc,  is ideal.


  • Unsurprisingly, market research studies have shown that men commonly do not change their underwear nearly often enough. And no, we are not talking about singlets here. Mintel’s 2012 British study learned that 22% of British men don’t change their undies daily; and M&S polled to learn that 33% change their undies only every two to three days. One in forty will wear a single pair for as long as possible. Pity the poor wife, girlfriend, or partner who is likely charged with washing these. How does a guy know when it’s time to wash their daks? The “Smell test” is the go-to method. For the record, men, like women, should change their undies daily; twice daily is better!

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