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The Importance of a Post Surgery Bra

While it’s not something most women consider unless or until it becomes a personal necessity, if surgery is ever required to the breast area, we can’t stress highly enough the importance of the correct post-surgery bra.


There are myriad reasons why a woman may undergo breast surgery. It may be for cosmetic reasons – an augmentation, a reduction, or a lift (mastopexy). It may be due to a diagnosis of breast cancer, resulting in a lumpectomy, or partial or full mastectomy, with or without reconstruction. Any specialist breast surgeon will agree that wearing the correct post-surgical breast garments will not only contribute to a more comfortable healing process, but complying with medical instructions in this way will help achieve the best possible outcome, with a reduced recovery time.

A post surgery bra will possess a range of specific criteria. If intended for the first phase of recovery, straight after surgery, it will compress the body evenly – this is very important to the recovery process. These garments will allow easy access for wound checking and dressing changes while the patient is still in the hospital.



Comfort is imperative. Most of these garments are made from soft, quality cotton which is flexible and non-irritating; many are without seams in the cups. Most are latex-free. The fact that they are wire-free is very important – both for comfort and also for proper circulation and lymphatic drainage during the healing process.



Wider-than-usual shoulder straps assist in the provision of comfort and maximum support. Some post-surgery bras pull on over the head; others will have front closures for ease of use. These can be either a lined hook-and-eye closure system or a zipper closure. Most do not have clips, buttons, or embellishments.


Many post-surgery bras include pockets in the cups designed to hold breast prostheses, which are commonly used by women after undergoing mastectomy if reconstruction is not an option, or not chosen.

A post-surgery bra is also important for wear by women undergoing radiation treatment to the breast. Over the course of treatment, which usually takes up to eight weeks, the breast will react as though sunburnt. This burn may be mild or severe, depending on the individual. The right garment during this time can make a big difference to both the level of pain or discomfort experienced, and also the recovery time after radiation treatment has been completed.


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