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Men’s Underwear 101

Men have been using underwear for centuries across different civilizations and perhaps were the first set of covering attire developed by the early man. The paintings or the photographs are available today of the earlier era obviously do not reveal its use, yet it is believed that they have been used for centuries. The style, shape and design of underwear used by men also have witnessed marked transformation over time. The objective of providing comfort and support to the user through adaptations of evolving technological innovations in the material (viz. elastic) and machines (viz. knitting) was the touchstone of the transformation processes.


Imagine that you accidentally go to outer space and meet aliens there. In the course of knowledge exchange with them about the culture and other relevant things, you have to describe underwear used by humans. The simple way to describe underwear would be to term it as a stitched piece of cloth which is worn next to skin and is covered by other outer clothes or attire; thus it is normally not seen in public. Citing cartoon character Superman would be beside the context here for he wears the underwear over its suit!!!
Despite being an innerwear which is hidden from public display, it has today become a quintessential fashion accessory for the modern generation. By definition, the demonstration is a very intrinsic characteristic of anything related to fashion. Brand consciousness and fashion complement each other in the consumer world. Even though the subject of underwear preference is seldom a matter of public conversation, bold ad campaigns by reputed underwear manufacturers have been successful in creating brand following for their merchandise. The sheer variety and designs of underwear available in the market under different brand names and price tags is enough to suggest that people do consider it a very important part of their dressing style. There are many international labels which boast of turnover of millions of dollars every year and have been flourishing in the business for decades now.
In modern times, briefs were perhaps the most preferred design which got widespread acceptance around the world. Trunks, Boxers, Shorts, Thongs, etc. are other popular types of men’s underwear styles. The designers of these underwear varieties offer the array of colour and print choices. This seems to be a trend which is likely to stay in the current age of consumerism where new demands are created every day.

Why Wear a Bodysuit?

A bodysuit is an all-in-one garment which covers the torso and crotch, and can be a form of underwear. It often has a snap-crotch for easy access for toileting.

Many of us who are old enough will remember our mothers or grandmothers wearing these garments as “foundation” pieces; they were very popular in the 1960’s and the 1980’s, and in the 1990’s the bodysuit as upper-outerwear was, for a short time, very popular amongst adolescent girls.

Once a wardrobe staple, the bodysuit is making something of a comeback, and as an underwear item, it has much to offer women of all ages – especially during the cooler months!


Bodysuits are stretchy and are not unlike a one piece swimsuit in appearance. They create a slim and sleek line under clothing; bras and undies are all in one piece and there is no line where the bra ends or the undies begin.

Bodysuits are versatile. They can be worn in an array of ways and for an array of reasons:

  • Warmth – wear a bodysuit in winter and you have no risk of bare skin if your top rides up for any reason


  • Wear your bodysuit as a modest base underneath sheer tops or clothing with an open weave.


  • High waisted jeans look great with a bodysuit underneath.


  • Cropped tops look better with a bodysuit underneath them so as to avoid exposing the midriff if you’re not thrilled with showing it off.


  • If you have a favourite kimono you want to wear, a basic bodysuit looks and feels better than wearing a singlet top which requires tucking in.


Why Choose a Bodysuit?

  • It stays in place – no matter what
  • It eliminates bulkiness of clothing that otherwise needs tucking in.
  • It is flattering and slimming – acting like shape wear
  • Snap closures make using the bathroom a breeze.
  • It looks like a normal top – but better

Buy a bodysuit from Undiewarehouse. We have gorgeous bodysuits in store from Jockey and also from Ambra. You will look and feel amazing when you wear one – and will wonder why it took you so long to discover this versatile and comfortable garment!


A Fetish for Stealing Undies

Just a couple of months ago, an hilarious news story was reported in which a Chinese man, having stolen and stashed hundreds of pieces of women’s lingerie, was exposed when a ceiling collapsed under the weight of his hidden stash.

Located in the southeast Chinese city of Yulin, the man, aged in his thirties, who later admitted to psychiatric issues and a lifelong obsession with women’s lingerie, had been stealing and hiding the underwear in a ceiling above an emergency exit in his building. After the ceiling collapse, police found more than two thousand items, including bras and panties hidden in the roof.


The underwear had, seemingly, been stolen from other residents in the offender’s housing complex – they had been complaining of missing and vanishing underwear for some time. The offender had accessed a master key and entered the other residents’ apartments during their absence with the sole aim of stealing and hoarding their underwear.

He stored his stolen items in his own ceiling, until he ran out of room there; at this point he accessed the ceiling cavities in communal fire escapes.

This is not the only underwear burglar to make his way to infamy in the news recently. A Singaporean man who had been stealing lingerie from women’s indoor washing lines was caught in the act – and was publicly shamed into wearing one of the stolen bras as he was paraded around the block.


Why do men steal women’s underwear?

  • Some men want a kinky keepsake of their sexual encounters with a specific woman.
  • Some men get off on the risk of pinching something intimate.
  • Some men get off on the thrill of stealing – full stop – and getting away with it.
  • Some men have a fetish for worn underwear. There is even an industry for selling and buying worn (and unwashed) panties. Japan even sells used panties in vending machines, alongside tobacco products and beer, so extreme is this fetish in that country.

What causes a man to have an underwear fetish? A Japanese study used MRI scanning technology to look at the brains of men with self-confessed panty fetishes, and found that decreased blood flow to the temporal and occipital lobes of the brain was a factor in all subjects.  Whether this is a cause or just a correlation is unknown. Like all fetishes, it begins in early life and is usually triggered by an event.

Looking Back – The Codpiece

It can be funny sometimes to think how styles and trends and the epitome of manliness have changed over the years. When this writer was a little girl, manly men wore white Y-front undies and never went without a white chesty Bonds singlet (at least, that’s what my father wore … and does to this day. Some of us don’t move with the times so easily, it seems).

Five hundred years ago, the epitome of the quintessential manly man was expressed in the codpiece. Worn almost exclusively through the 1500’s and all but gone by the 1600’s, this was one unforgettable garment which was basically underwear worn as outerwear.


Men of this era wore hose to cover their legs; these did not cover the genitalia as well.  The stylish length for jackets and doublets rose over time, and men found themselves embarrassingly exposed in their nether regions when they sat or mounted their horses. To cover their genitals, they wore a simple piece of linen which was tied down or buttoned to the hose. It was named the codpiece, from the Middle English word “cod” which meant “scrotum”. The codpiece also offered better freedom of movement.


It wasn’t long before codpieces became a way for men to enhance rather than hide the area. They were padded, embellished, and made longer and bigger – to the point of being ridiculous. Some were crafted from metal. The bigger a man’s “ego”, the bigger he wore his codpiece.


There may have been other reasons for this than to simply emphasise and exaggerate a man’s sexual wares. Anthropologists believe that the prevalence of venereal diseases dictated the use of codpieces to allow them contain dressings and medications for the area, without being obvious to others.


King Henry VIII of England is perhaps the most famous wearer of the codpiece; a look at his surviving armour shows just how big he wore this garment. Considering that it is well known that he suffered from advanced and severe syphilis, and in light of the medication theory, one can surmise that perhaps it wasn’t all about his ego. Not entirely, anyway.


These days we usually only see codpieces at Renaissance Fairs and on Superhero costumes…



An Heroic Campaign from Jockey…

Jockey underwear has a long and illustrious history of providing men with briefs, boxers, singlets, and much more for many decades. They have recently released a global advertising campaign which may well be their cleverest yet…

The idea of putting sporting greats in underwear advertising campaigns is nothing new – and Jockey has done so, from  baseball’s Baltimore Oriole pitcher Jim Palmer in the 1970s, to basketball player Michael Jordan, and, more recently, soccer legend David Beckham.

The latest Jockey campaign, with the catchphrase slogan , “Supporting Greatness”, shows images truly great American heroes doing what they did in their briefs.


Astronaut and moonwalker Buzz Aldrin, military man General George Patton, and baseball king Babe Ruth were all known to wear Jockey briefs – that is a fact – and the company is taking advantage of the fact that these great men wore their merchandise.

Buzz Aldrin, now aged eighty-four, was the second man to walk on the moon – and he has expressed great pride in being a part of this exciting new campaign. As he said himself, “everybody wears underwear” and “this commercial is fun”.

The television commercials are especially fun. Aldrin is seen in a spacesuit on all kinds of planets, planting the American flag whilst swatting away aliens and asteroids. Commercial spots with Patton and Ruth are in planning stages.


There are both television and print commercials to be broadcast and published, and for Jockey, the aim is to remain cool, appeal to men as buyers of underwear, and to deliver the powerful message: that if these men wore Jockeys, today’s guys should do so as well.

And we know they did. Babe Ruth was a spokesman for Jockey during the years of his career; Patton, like almost all of the American military of the time, wore them, and Aldrin wore them in training as they were a supplier to NASA. (He did not actually wear them on the moon – apparently space requires specialised undergarments – who knew?).


The end message is that Jockey is enduring, reliable, functional, and supports greatness of all kinds in its wearer. Get yours from Undiewarehouse today!

Knickers Snippets…

  • Acquired from the estate of the late Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi, and auctioned on eBay in 2012, a pair of underwear reputed to have belonged to Queen Elizabeth II sold for US $18,000. Described as a “museum quality collectible”, the panties were mistakenly left onboard a chartered plane in 1968, which was used that year during the queen’s first trip to Chile. Kept in a marked, manila envelope ever since, the knickers are vintage silk, with a scripted monogram “E” on them, and have an exquisitely crocheted lace hem. Buckingham Palace refused to confirm nor deny whether these undergarments did in fact once belong to the queen.



  • A pair of bloomers worn by Marilyn Monroe during the making of 1954’s River of No Return sold at auction in 2012 for US $44,000.  The item had been kept by her long-time makeup man, Alan Whitey Snyder, and was auctioned along with many other of her belongings which were kept by his estate.


  •  Crooner Frank Sinatra was very slight in both stature and body size – for much of his life he could even have been considered to be unhealthily thin and of no manly shape. He was, however, very generously endowed in the manhood department. Contrary to expectation, Sinatra was not proud of this fact – quite the opposite, he was very self-conscious. He even had his underwear custom-made to ensure that everything was properly contained.


  • A pair of periwinkle coloured silk underpants custom made for Elizabeth Taylor to wear in 1963’s Cleopatra we auctioned in 2014 for US $1875. They have small snap closures, hand sewing, and a costume label inscribed with her name.


  •  A pair of soiled underpants belonging to Elvis Presley failed to sell at auction in 2012. Worn in 1977 under a jumpsuit, during what would have been one of his final performances, the style was chosen by the King as they did not give visible lines under the tight fitting jumpsuit. A reserve price of US $10,000 was set but failed to be reached – perhaps because they were visibly dirty?


Underwear Museum

Have you ever visited an underwear museum?

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) has a travelling exhibition called “Undressed: 350 Years of Underwear in Fashion”. Currently on exhibit at the Bendigo Art Gallery in Victoria, Australia, it highlights pieces from the V&A’s extensive underwear collection, which dates back to the seventeenth century.


The history of underwear is tracked in this interesting exhibition, with pieces ranging from crotchless bloomers that once belonged to (and were worn by) Queen Victoria, right through to contemporary white briefs from Calvin Klein.

Throughout centuries, not worn simply for cleanliness and warmth, underwear has been a useful garment to shape the body into the ideal look of each moment in time: from tight-laced Victorian waspish waistlines, to Edwardian S-bent spines and heaving mono-bosoms, to flattened, boyish shapes so popular in the Flapper era; right though to the New Look of the 1950s with lifted, separated and defined breasts, nipped in waists, and girdled hips. After the liberated underwear of the 1960s and 1970s, the 1990s introduced the Wonderbra and in the new millennium, shape-wear has again become a woman’s fashion staple.


The V&A exhibition currently on show at the Bendigo Art Gallery features a vast array of more than eighty pieces from the V&A collection, including bustles, corsets, girdles, bras and undies dating from well over a century ago.  For example:

  • Iron corsetry from the 1600s


  • A 1900s maternity corset, with differential side lacing (other corsets of the time laced at the back)


  • Health corsets for young girls which were worn in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries


  • Queen Victoria’s bloomers: dating from the 1860s, they are generously proportioned, made of white linen, and embroidered on the waistband in blue: “VR” (Victoria Regina). They are also split at the crotch – very important for toileting while wearing voluminous skirts.


  • Avant-garde pieces from Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier


The Undressed: 350 Years of Underwear Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition is on show at the Bendigo Art Gallery currently, until October 26th, 2014. It will then open at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane on November 12th, 2014 and run until February 1st, 2015.

More Fun Facts About Undies!

  • Your Undies offer a peak into how “High Maintenance” you might be! Apparently, a woman who favours white cotton underwear is easier to get along with than a girl who likes satin and lace smalls. According to a clinical researcher named Dr. Baumgartner, simple undies are worn by women who are comfortable in their own skin, and who don’t need bells, bows and whistles to feel sexy.


  • Underwear is a very personal choice – and women tend to have very set preferences. Of more than one hundred thousand women recently surveyed:


  • 37% preferred bikini briefs
  • 23% preferred briefs
  • 19% preferred thongs/g-strings
  • 17% preferred boy shorts


  • According to a study from 2012 in the UK, the average woman owns thirty four pairs of undies; American women own twenty one pairs on average (no Australian data was available). This is easily five times more than owned by the average man.


  • Women typically have a range of underwear: everyday, work, sport, special occasion, and VERY special occasion undies.


  • Early American Spacesuits (yes, those worn by astronauts) were actually made by bra manufacturer, Playtex!


  • We keep our underwear for a LONG time. 15% of women commonly wear undies they have been wearing for up to ten years.


  • It’s not uncommon for women to “go commando” in order to avoid visible panty lines. Rather than opting for a thing, a significant number of ladies choose to just go without altogether.


  • Surveys suggest that women get grumpy if their underwear isn’t just right: if it clings, clumps, slips, chokes, or is simply ugly, a woman’s mood can be seriously impacted by what she’s go going on under her clothing.


  • The colour of one’s chosen underwear can speak volumes about their personality:


  • Black = classy, strong, ambitious
  • White = calm, tender, conservative
  • Blue = creative, pleasant
  • Yellow = loving, adventurous, cheerful
  • Green = independent and relaxed
  • Red = passionate, vibrant, naughty


  • As many as 64% of women actually wear the wrong size bra!


  • Men have their underwear preferences just as much as women do. Ten percent of men prefer boxers, twenty five percent prefer boxer briefs, and forty percent prefer wearing briefs. The remaining twenty five percent preferred “other”…



Underwear and Good Health

  • For optimum health, men and women should both opt for cotton underwear. Cotton is breathable, comfortable, and absorbs moisture – thus reducing bacteria growth. Still love the satin, lace or polyester briefs? Satin and lace undies are so pretty – yet they aren’t so good for you. Think of them as you would sweets – a “sometimes” treat, but not a daily go-to staple. And make sure they always have a cotton gusset.

 download (1)

  • Many modern fabrics are even better than cotton at wicking sweat and keeping the wearer drier. And make sure they always have a cotton gusset. But don’t be fooled by “silver infused” antimicrobial undies – just a few washes and at least half the silver is gone. Not worth the money, is it?


  • What is healthier – underwear or going commando? It all comes down to fabric choice. The groin is a warm and moist environment – a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Cotton undies will catch and absorb sweat, so should be worn for optimal health. There are, however, some pants and shorts these days made with inbuilt “undies” – with antibacterial wicking fabrics. In these cases, undies aren’t really necessary.


  • Another underwear “staple” that really shouldn’t be worn every day is the high control shape wear so many of us rely on for a smooth (and slimmer) shape. Great for a night out or a special occasion, care should be taken that the right size is chosen. Don’t go too tight!! Frequent wearing of shape wear, or wearing pieces that are too tight, can lead to a myriad of health problems – from heartburn to pain, bloating to flatulence, digestive upset and incontinence. Other risks include pain and numbness or tingling in the legs and feet, poor circulation, varicose veins, swollen ankles and even blood clots. Finally, moisture is often trapped by these garments – resulting in skin irritations and infections. The moral of the story? Keep your shape wear for certain occasions or outfits – not for everyday wear.

 images (5)

  • Love your thong or g-string? It might not actually love you. Fabulous under tight clothing, it is actually a hazard if worn for too long or for exercising. The issue is not only if the thong is too tight (ouch!) but that it acts as a wick, drawing moisture from the rear towards the urinary tract – leading to possible infections. Again – wear “sometimes”, not “always”.

 images (2)

Everything in moderation – what better reason than to have an underwear wardrobe containing many kinds of undies?

Bizarre and Shocking Underwear Inventions

  • A controversial new line of lingerie called “Find Me if You Can” is creating waves as a modern day chastity belt for the digital age: the lace bodice, bikini bottom, and faux pearl collar is engineered with a GPS device in the bodice. It is actually a cheeky nod to women as, even if their partner programs the device, the woman can turn it off – if she has the password. While feminists decry the invention as the epitome of sexism and male dominance over women, some women are hailing it as a potential lifesaver for when they are out alone.


  • Truly bizarre is the line of knickers called the “Winter Coat” – women’s underwear with a pubic hair design on the front in the anatomically appropriate place. The real thing may not be back in style, as the continuing market for Brazilian bikini waxes attests, but faux pubic hair is apparently a fashion must have … somewhere, anyway.


  • Japanese arm of triumph International has introduced an eco-friendly bra with reusable chopsticks in a pocket at the side seam. The cups guarantee a definite bust as well; made of half- bowls, one is steamed rice and the other miso soup. Interesting.


  • Introducing the “Strapless Panty”: from company Shibue Couture, this piece of apparel eliminates all chances of any panty line at all. A piece of silicone at the front and another at the back keep it in place – apparently.


  • A new range of fetish wear inspired by French ladies of the sixteenth century has been produced by designer Nona de Samin. The “Breezy” Lingerie consists of backless panties and French knickers, made of cotton and silk, reminiscent of a time when women wore no underwear. It was believed at the time that an open crotch and buttock was more hygienic. From the front, the underwear appears “normal’; from behind, the derriere is bare.


  • Push Up Undies for men – for the guy who’d like a little extra oomph for his … assets. Enough said.


  • Novelty men’s undies from Japan are available in gold, silver, red, blue, and sequins. They have a metal tap (faucet) at the front. We don’t know why, either!