Underwear and Good Health

  • For optimum health, men and women should both opt for cotton underwear. Cotton is breathable, comfortable, and absorbs moisture – thus reducing bacteria growth. Still love the satin, lace or polyester briefs? Satin and lace undies are so pretty – yet they aren’t so good for you. Think of them as you would sweets – a “sometimes” treat, but not a daily go-to staple. And make sure they always have a cotton gusset.

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  • Many modern fabrics are even better than cotton at wicking sweat and keeping the wearer drier. And make sure they always have a cotton gusset. But don’t be fooled by “silver infused” antimicrobial undies – just a few washes and at least half the silver is gone. Not worth the money, is it?


  • What is healthier – underwear or going commando? It all comes down to fabric choice. The groin is a warm and moist environment – a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Cotton undies will catch and absorb sweat, so should be worn for optimal health. There are, however, some pants and shorts these days made with inbuilt “undies” – with antibacterial wicking fabrics. In these cases, undies aren’t really necessary.


  • Another underwear “staple” that really shouldn’t be worn every day is the high control shape wear so many of us rely on for a smooth (and slimmer) shape. Great for a night out or a special occasion, care should be taken that the right size is chosen. Don’t go too tight!! Frequent wearing of shape wear, or wearing pieces that are too tight, can lead to a myriad of health problems – from heartburn to pain, bloating to flatulence, digestive upset and incontinence. Other risks include pain and numbness or tingling in the legs and feet, poor circulation, varicose veins, swollen ankles and even blood clots. Finally, moisture is often trapped by these garments – resulting in skin irritations and infections. The moral of the story? Keep your shape wear for certain occasions or outfits – not for everyday wear.

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  • Love your thong or g-string? It might not actually love you. Fabulous under tight clothing, it is actually a hazard if worn for too long or for exercising. The issue is not only if the thong is too tight (ouch!) but that it acts as a wick, drawing moisture from the rear towards the urinary tract – leading to possible infections. Again – wear “sometimes”, not “always”.

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Everything in moderation – what better reason than to have an underwear wardrobe containing many kinds of undies?