Underwear: Fun (and Funny) Facts! #1

Almost all of us wear it on a daily basis, yet underwear is something to which we give little thought … as long as it’s clean and it fits, that’s where our consideration ends. But delve a little into this ever so important wardrobe item, and a plethora of fun and funny facts and stories emerge.

Did you know any of these fun – and sometimes very funny – truths about underwear?

  • The British Army has underwear that can be worn for three months – non-stop! Paying close attention to comfort and hygiene out in the field, British soldiers were issued in 2005 with antimicrobial undies. Made from silver-laced artificial fibres (silver helps prevent sweating – who knew?), the unisex undergarments were coated to prevent bacterial infections.


  •  Married men apparently change their undies twice as often as single men. Wives do the laundry, perhaps?


  • New Years Eve Celebrations include underwear traditions – Italians donning red, Argentineans pink, and Brazilians splash out on brand new undies for the occasion.


  •  The G-String was invented to provide to New York burlesque dancers with some coverage. It was first worn by the masses in Brazil in the 1980s as a swimwear item, only becoming popular as underwear in the 1990s.


  • The average bra size in the USA in 1991 was 34B; twenty years later the average size is 36C.


  • Garters, used to hold up stockings, were made with pockets in the 1920s. Due to American Prohibition, flappers could carry their tipple of choice discretely under their skirt in small silver flasks – tucked into garters with pockets.


  • What does your lingerie colour of choice say about you?
    • Black = courageous, classic, strong, practical, ambitious
    • White =  calm, confident, serious
    • Blue = creative, passive, mysterious
    • Yellow = bright, cheerful, light-hearted
    • Red = strong, passionate, lively, ambitious


  • The most popular lingerie colours currently sold are purple, lilac, and blue. French designers believe lilac to be a virginal colour, blue suits pale skin, and purple signifies affection.


  • King Tutankhamen was buried with 145 cotton loincloths to see him into the afterlife.


  • Underwear has been used for rebellious fashion statements for centuries. French queen Marie Antoinette wore a chemise as outerwear at court in 1780 – prior to this it was only worn under clothing.


  • Today referred to as “chicken fillets”, the “falsie” bra-stuffer gained popularity in the 1950s when large, pointed breasts were fashionable.


  • Russian scientists are reportedly conducting research into bacteria that might eat the worn underwear of cosmonauts on long missions in space.


  • Mormons are not the first to wear spiritual undergarments. The ancient Babylonians wore undies which were fringed; the fringe symbolised the protection of God.


  • Until the 1800s, it was considered improper for a woman to wear anything between her legs – so no underwear!


  • An average woman will wear six bra sizes throughout her life.


Intrigued? Stay tuned for more fun underwear facts…