Your Guide To Wearing Shapewear In Style

We all want that perfect ’10 on 10’ figure at all times, but sadly, despite the best of efforts, some dresses and clothes don’t fit in. This is precisely where the need for shapewear comes in, and even with the great range of choices available, many women actually shy away from the choice of having smoother curves and a better appeal. Take a look at the complete list of things you should remember while wearing shapewear.


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Understand your goals: Shapewear is all about how you want the body to look, and the needs are different with different women. Some want a tummy tuck; others want to trim down the thighs, so the goals define what you would be buying from the store. There are different options starting from the minimiser bra to the full body shaper, so depending on what you are wearing and what you need, you can take a stand.

Always insist on quality shapewear: If you are someone who intends to wear the shapewear all through the day, quality is the key here. Always insist on wearing items that are essentially of high quality. It is also pertinent to understand that wearing shapewear means being under control for the entire day, so that calls for comfort check as well. Quality and branded shapewear last for years at a stretch so you can always trust them for ensuring your figure stays stylish.

Buy after you try: For those who are trying the shapewear for the first time, it is very vital to try the shapewear out. You can click here to know the options available, or else, head straight to a store and find the different styles that can suit the body type you have. Shapewear often goes wrong because women either end up buying a size smaller than theirs or buy a size that’s bigger and doesn’t add any value to the purpose.

Be realistic: The main purpose of shapewear is to better the shape. Sadly, most women buy stuff thinking that a simple shapewear can help them slip in a size smaller than their regular, which is a bland idea to begin with. Shapewear cannot transform or change your body completely, but it can do wonders in hiding the extra flab in some parts of the body with ease.

Care well for your shapewear: Shapewear comes with care instructions, which need to be followed. Usually, you will find such products to be made of rubber, silicone, and spandex, and these things can damage with heat and extensive laundering. Always check what the product demands and stick to the same. Low-quality products even need extra care, and if you are wearing the item more than often, hygiene and cleaning is equally important.

The good thing is shapewear can change your figure, but as expected, it is no substitute for losing fat. Always maintain your body weight and if you need to lose weight, stick to the age old formula of dieting with exercise.


Author: Suzy Walsh is the chief editor of The House of Elegance Fashion and authors many blogs and magazines. She is known for her clear thoughts and her sense for fashion trends, style ideas and more.