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The Weird World of Petticoat Discipline

Now for something different: Petticoat Discipline.

No, we’re not joking!

Petticoating, otherwise referred to as pinaforing, is a kind of rare, humiliating, and socially unacceptable punishment, which involves dressing a boy in girls’ clothing as a form of discipline.



Not just limited to certain subgenres of erotic fantasy and role-play, there is credible evidence in social history that this was a form of punishment actually employed and dating back at least to the Victorian era. It was even discussed openly in family magazines during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Until World War One, it was fashionable to dress small boys in the same attire as their sisters, up until age five or six: ribboned vests, lace dresses and petticoats, and even bonnets. .

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Older boys would be dressed by their mothers or nannies in pretty, girlish clothing as retribution for minor offenses. Boys were feminised by being forced to wear female clothing, and made to feel like “sissies” in the presence of strong females, such as mother, aunt, grandmother, and often in the presence of his siblings, cousins, and other girls of their own age. By humiliating and embarrassing the boy, and dressing him conspicuously in feminine clothing and fabrics, moderate behaviour which did not draw attention was encouraged.



The said boy may even have been forced to appear in public dressed thus, sometimes even in matching garments as those worn by his mother or sister. He may have been made to perform tasks which, at the time, were considered to be “girls’ work”. This was unendingly humiliating, and as such, was deemed to be a deterrent from behaving in such a way as provoked the punishment again in future. At the lighter end of the spectrum, boys were dressed in bow ties, velvet and short pants; the extreme end had boys being forced into lace, bows, and even shaved legs and female underwear. Sometimes petticoat discipline did not involve girls’ clothes; a sailor suit or Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit was enough to keep a boy in line. This was used up to age twenty in some extremes.



There are claims that petticoating had an additional, sexual context for some mothers; some women had long wished for daughters and hence gained some satisfaction from feminising their sons.

What was the impact of this childhood punishment? Some adult male transvestites in the past have reported experiencing petticoating as children. At the very least, identity crises and self esteem issues must have ensued.

This scenario is actually re-enacted today by some as a fetish. Whatever rocks one’s boat!

Where Have All The Petticoats Gone?

Like other undergarments, petticoats have a long and illustrious history, the story of which we will embark on another time. But the question for today remains: where have all the petticoats gone?


 A petticoat goes by many other names: chemise, slip, camisole if covering only waist up, half-slip if just covering the waist down. True petticoats are often puffy and layered; slips or chemises are sleek and more fitted.


Once a staple of everyday wear, with many of them in every woman’s wardrobe, a petticoat is traditionally an underskirt. The petticoat or slip was, even thirty years ago, considered by many to be an essential wardrobe item for any well-dressed “lady” while wearing a dress or skirt. Whether a dress or skirt was sheer or not, a lady was not considered to be fully dressed unless, like stockings or pantyhose, she was wearing a petticoat. Many older ladies continue to view a petticoat as a daily essential item of clothing.


 Oftentimes a petticoat was required to give outer clothing its shape; layers of tulle petticoats were common under full skirted designs in the 1950s. Today, these garments usually have the required petticoat sewn in permanently as part of the whole.

 images petticoat

Slips were also very handy in disguising the lines of bras, underwear and stocking suspenders. Coloured underwear worn under paler clothing was not an issue either, when a slip was worn.

Today, the fashion of wearing petticoats or slips for daily wear, which was common in the 1950s and 1960s, has passed.  But while the fashion has changed, and many women (particularly younger women) have the philosophy that “less is more” when it comes to wearing a slip or petticoat, there are still times when almost every woman will be glad to have at least one of these garments in her wardrobe:

  • A slip allows a dress or skirt to hang smoothly
  • Warmth: want to wear that summery dress but it’s just a tad chilly? That extra layer underneath, while thin, can make the world of difference
  • Wearing a slip makes one feel just that little bit more put-together
  • If you want to wear a full-skirted dress and minimise your waist, wearing a layers petticoat is the perfect way to achieve the look.
  • Sheer dresses or skirts often just need a slip – for modesty and, let’s face it, to look ideal. Wearing a slip is simply classy.
  • Many fabrics can be uncomfortable or chafe against the skin; solution: wear a slip!
  • A slip will protect your clothing from perspiration in hot weather – the downside is that it’s another layer to wear. A cotton slip under synthetic clothing is, however, cooler and more comfortable in the heat than synthetic against skin.



While most of us might not regularly wear a petticoat or slip, they are readily available – and are an investment every classy woman should have in her wardrobe!


Hot in Rio!


Here at Undiewarehouse, we are excited to announce a brand new line to our enormous range of merchandise: Hot in Rio Brazilian Lingerie.

Brazil, in South America, is associated with passion, colour, fun, an easy-going nature and a focus on beauty, sexiness and pleasure.

Devised and designed by native Brazilian woman, Camila Moraes, who is living in Australia, Hot in Rio is an innovative and original lingerie range comprised of fashionable and funky designs similar to those styles available to Brazilian women in their homeland. Based on the philosophy that women should feel “confident, comfortable and sexy”, these outstanding lingerie sets are luxurious to wear, yet comfort has not been compromised in any way.

Following a comparison between the Brazilian and Australian lingerie markets, Hot in Rio brings to our shores something its founder felt was previously lacking: the distinctive colours, styles, and originality of tropical and exciting Brazil, in sexy and appealing lingerie which is fun and flirty to wear – and show off!

So what is different about Hot in Rio? Aside from the smooth fabrics, gorgeous accents, bursts of colour and Brazilian sexiness…

The Brazilian Wavy Padded Bra is designed to lift and accentuate the breasts. Constructed of high quality microfibre pads, the cups have three spliced waves which push the breasts elegantly up and centrally for extra boost.

Brazilian Cut Knickers, Thongs and Panties are sexy yet comfortable; designed as are Brazilian swimwear styles, this underwear is perfect for wear at the gym, work, partying and for special occasions. Many of the Hot in Rio Brazilian Cut underwear options also have adjustable side straps.

Hot in Rio has a range of style collections:

  • Lapa  (Sexy) – named for Rio de Janeiro’s bohemian suburb, this collection is sexy and striking

 thumb (1)

  • Carnaval  (Fashion) – trendy and tropical, based on the world’s biggest festival!

 thumb (2)

  • Sugar Loaf (Romantic) – a magical, romantic spot in Rio

  thumb (3)

  • Ipanema (Knickers)  – arguably the sexiest beach in the world – fantastic fit knickers inspired by the elegance of this place

thumb (4)

  •  Bossa Nova (Bridal) – specially designed for sweet charm, laces, slinky fabrics, ribbon and satin accents…

 thumb (5)


  • Copacabana (Basics) – inspired by one of the world’s most famous beaches – this collection is for everyday wear: light, smooth and comfortable yet oh so stylish.



At Undiewarehouse, we currently have twelve  Hot in Rio items for sale online, at truly  fantastic prices. (As we update our website, keep a lookout for more over time). From cute baby-dolls, to slinky vinyl lingerie sets; sexy fully boned corsets to elegant lace lingerie sets – you will be spoilt for choice. What better way to embrace the warmer weather as summer approaches, than to take a figurative trip to Brazil?