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Post Natal Undies – When comfort counts the most

Congratulations on bringing a brand new little one into this world!  Being a new mom is an incredible experience.  After the months of waiting, eating right for the baby, decorating the nursery, and buying more gear than for a trip around the world, you have a wonderful bundle of joy to cuddle and rock to sleep.


That is fantastic but what about you?  Everyone is so focused on the new baby that mothers can be forgotten.  Talking about postpartum is either taboo or reserved for others to recount their stories and insist that they had it worse.  Take matters into your own hands by making yourself comfortable.  A great new outfit, some soft undies, maybe even a visit to your favourite hair salon, will do wonders to boost your spirits.


Undie Warehouse offers the best nursing underwear.  Of course, you already know about the “Barely There” bras we mentioned last week, but have you considered our singlet ?  With its built-in invisible support lining, it is definitively a must-have.  As your belly gradually returns to your pre-pregnancy shape and size, this singlet helps you feel slenderer and prettier.  The nursing clips make feeding baby a breeze even when you’re out and about.  Available in black and white, it will be your go-to underwear.   Another great choice is our nursing tank top offered in black, white, brilliant cobalt and feminine honeysuckle.  With its integrated nursing bra and its comfortable support, this top adjusts to your body as it changes during and after your pregnancy.


Your choice of bottoms will vary with the type of delivery you had.  For those who had a C-section, choose something that will not rub on your stitches and give gentle control to your tummy area.  It helps to cover the area to prevent outer clothing from irritating your healing scar.  Full briefs may not be your usual attire, but you will enjoy our pretty Jockey briefs .  With many options to suit everyone’s specific needs, you are sure to love the soft and breathable fabrics.  Opt for a cute jacquard design, a bit of lace, or the several models that show no panty lines.


After having a baby, be prepared to have a looser body.  To help you get back into your former shape, we have several shaping briefs for you to choose from.  Boy legs, high or low waisted, thigh or abs shapers, there is something for every new mom.  Check them out at .   All are made with high quality fibres and the softest yarns.


We are delighted to assist you in choosing the best undies for those special months in your life.  At , we are so confident that you will love our products that we offer free shipping with very low minimum purchases.

Going Braless: Benefits and Drawbacks

Some of us have heard that going braless is healthier than wearing a bra. Others are convinced that bras are essential – and a few even wear a bra to bed. What’s the truth?


There are numerous myths relating to the wear or non-wear of a bra. We all know how much better we generally look wearing one, but also how good it feels to take almost any bra off at the end of a long day…

Myth: Bras Can Cause Cancer

Fact: While some of these claims may seem to have some possible merit, to date there is no scientific evidence to support that bras in any way contribute to the development of breast cancer. There is no proof that bras are in any way good for us, but there is similarly no proof that wearing a bra is bad for our health and wellbeing either.

Myth:            Bras Prevent Sagging      

Fact: Bras only prevent sagging while they are actually on. They give a much nicer and uplifted shape, and support, but as soon as the bra is off, the breast sits where it would whether the bra was ever worn or not. A French university study actually suggests that, over time, wearing a bra may actually cause breast sag. When no bra is ever worn, muscle tissue development in the chest wall may actually be enhanced – equating to natural support resulting in more natural breast life and higher positioning of the nipple. But be warned – discarding one’s bra, unless very young, will not lead to better natural support for women who have been wearing bras for decades…

Myth: One Should Sleep in a Bra

Fact: Some believe that wearing a bra to bed will keep breasts pert and perky. There is no evidence to suggest that this is the case. If anything, sleeping in a bra can be uncomfortable. It won’t hurt your health – but it won’t help, either.

Myth: Bras Make Our Breasts Look Normal.

Fact: Here’s the thing: “normal” is a misnomer. We assume “normal” is what we get when we wear a bra because we almost all wear bras. And while it is aesthetically pleasing, nobody can deny, what we consider to be “normal” is actually not. “Normal” breasts are asymmetrical. One is usually smaller than the other. One usually sits higher than the other. In some women, this is a subtle difference – in others, the difference is obvious and marked. Some women have large and prominent nipples. Up to ten percent of women have flat or even inverted nipples – and this, if lifelong, is quite normal. Some women have natural breasts; others have had enhancement or reduction surgery. Some women have had lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery. A normal breast is as individual as each of us is.


Queen Victoria’s Undies

In October 2014, royal bloomers belonging to Queen Victoria were auctioned in Ashford, UK. Along with her silk stockings and a chemise, they sold for a combined price of almost eight thousand British Pounds.


Queen Victoria ruled Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 (at just age eighteen) until 1901, and she was also Empress of India between 1876 and 1901. She remains the longest serving monarch in British history.

Dating from 1890, later in the queen’s life, the underwear was enormous and majestic in its proportions. The silk, split crotch drawers (as was the fashion of the time) had a waist measurement of fifty two inches (130cm) and the chemise accommodated a bust size of sixty six inches (165cm).  Considering the queen was only a very diminutive five feet tall, she was certainly rotund!


The bloomers bore the embroidered royal emblem monogram of Victoria Regina. The chemise and bloomers are the equivalent of today’s size thirty six – astounding proportions. The chemise has delicate buttons and frilled lace on the border.


When Queen Victoria died, she had willed much of her clothing and undergarment collection to her servants who had loyally seen to her needs throughout her reign. Many items were distributed amongst her household. The bloomers had been in the possession of a family in Kent since at least the1920’s.

The buyer who won the bidding war for these garments is unknown but believed to be a memorabilia collector from Israel.

Another item of underwear belonging to Victoria and still in existence is her petticoat – again, dating from the 1890’s. It is of cream wool and exquisitely embroidered along the hem in beige silk, with thistles, shamrocks, roses, crowns, and her VR monogram. These symbolised Scotland, Ireland, and England, over which she ruled.


The auction was held in aid of a Guide Dog charity. Considering the fact that Queen Victoria was a lover of animals and had many dogs as companions, we believe that one may well have been amused at the sale of one’s bloomers for such a good profit!