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Men’s Underwear 101

Men have been using underwear for centuries across different civilizations and perhaps were the first set of covering attire developed by the early man. The paintings or the photographs are available today of the earlier era obviously do not reveal its use, yet it is believed that they have been used for centuries. The style, shape and design of underwear used by men also have witnessed marked transformation over time. The objective of providing comfort and support to the user through adaptations of evolving technological innovations in the material (viz. elastic) and machines (viz. knitting) was the touchstone of the transformation processes.


Imagine that you accidentally go to outer space and meet aliens there. In the course of knowledge exchange with them about the culture and other relevant things, you have to describe underwear used by humans. The simple way to describe underwear would be to term it as a stitched piece of cloth which is worn next to skin and is covered by other outer clothes or attire; thus it is normally not seen in public. Citing cartoon character Superman would be beside the context here for he wears the underwear over its suit!!!
Despite being an innerwear which is hidden from public display, it has today become a quintessential fashion accessory for the modern generation. By definition, the demonstration is a very intrinsic characteristic of anything related to fashion. Brand consciousness and fashion complement each other in the consumer world. Even though the subject of underwear preference is seldom a matter of public conversation, bold ad campaigns by reputed underwear manufacturers have been successful in creating brand following for their merchandise. The sheer variety and designs of underwear available in the market under different brand names and price tags is enough to suggest that people do consider it a very important part of their dressing style. There are many international labels which boast of turnover of millions of dollars every year and have been flourishing in the business for decades now.
In modern times, briefs were perhaps the most preferred design which got widespread acceptance around the world. Trunks, Boxers, Shorts, Thongs, etc. are other popular types of men’s underwear styles. The designers of these underwear varieties offer the array of colour and print choices. This seems to be a trend which is likely to stay in the current age of consumerism where new demands are created every day.