Men’s Socks – Everything you Need to Know

A sock is not just a sock…

Everyday Socks

These socks are for non-formal, everyday wear. They should look good, and be very comfortable. The right pair of everyday socks will provide some cushioning to the foot and will also absorb moisture without smelling. Choose black, navy or grey to work with your entire wardrobe.


Sports Socks


Sports or gym socks are created specifically for wear when exercising or participating in physical activity. They are just as important for performance as is a high quality pair of sporting shoes. High quality socks made specifically for sportswear will offer support and cushioning to the toes, aches, balls of feet and Achilles tendons. They will help you avoid blisters and rubbing, and will absorb moisture generated by sweating. They also need to be breathable and durable. These socks are usually white.


Dressy Socks


Dressy socks are worn for formal wear, often good trousers and business suits. They are thinner and more delicately crafted than everyday socks, and should mould well to the leg. The right pair will not bunch or slip down. Again, choose basic colours such as black, grey and navy.

Work Socks


These are heavy duty socks made for extreme wear.

Sock Fabrics

Which sock fabrics are the best?

  • Cotton is lightweight, extremely comfortable, and is a superior moisture absorber. It is usually blended to make socks.
  • Wool socks offer great ventilation for the feet, and also absorb excess amounts of sweat and offer a high level of cushioning. They are also very warm to wear. They can, however, be very itchy for some people if they have sensitivity to wool yarn.
  • Nylon makes for durable and insulating socks
  • Polyester is a common fabric used in blends for socks, particularly with cotton. It helps the feet to breathe and minimises sweating.
  • Acrylic is highly cushioning and moisture absorbent
  • Coolmax® Fabric is created by Dupont and it is renowned as being the fastest drying fabrics in the world – taking fewer than thirty minutes to completely dry.
  • Lycra is also created by Dupont, and offers elasticity for fit and comfort.

Choose socks that work for you – with fine stitching, and the right fit. Buy in bulk and save money, and remember to replace your socks when they lose shape.