Underwear: Debunking the Myths!

Myths have always existed. Whether legendary stories of heroes and damsels in distress, urban myths about travelling quiet roads on dark nights, or silly notions about stereotypes to which some people hold on as if for dear life, myths are everywhere – and the internet is a feeding ground for their genesis, transmission and perpetuation. And, believe it or not, underwear is no exception!

So here we are to help debunk some of the most commonly believed myths about underwear. Make yourself a cuppa (or pour a drink) and settle in for our top myths busted – in no particular order:

Myth #1:      It’s unhealthy to sleep in your undies.

A rumour with no real basis. Some people like to sleep without any underwear; others just don’t feel right without it. Either way is fine – whatever makes you comfortable. We do, however, insist on one proviso: for sleeping, cotton underwear is required for health and wellbeing. High quality cotton undies will allow for body to breathe, whereas synthetic materials for slumber are less healthy.

Myth #2       You should wear white underwear under white clothing.

Au contraire! Absolutely not!! White underwear – bras and underpants – under white clothing will just pop out more and draw unwanted attention to itself. You may as well wear a white bra under a black top and stand under an ultraviolet light. This is partly because skin, even on the palest of people, is not stark white, and as such is darker than the white of underwear. White clothing requires lingerie in a nude or beige shade closer to skin colour.


Myth #3       Mens’ undies can affect fertility

Another popular but unfounded belief, though there could be a basis in fact there in extreme cases. While it is true that very tight and restrictive underwear may be detrimental to sperm count (due to higher temperatures resulting in the scrotum), any normal briefs will not cause this to happen. A large number of scientific studies have considered all sides of this issue and no evidence of harm has been found. So guys, feel free to choose between boxers and briefs – just make sure they are comfy! If they’re too tight, they’re not right!

Myth #5       Mormons wear “magical” underwear

Mormons do, in fact, wear special underwear – as a personal choice to remind themselves of their covenants with God. These undergarments are meant to help give them spiritual strength. There is nothing “magical” about the underwear – it’s simply a clothing choice they make, like a Muslim woman covering her head or a Christian wearing a cross.


Myth #6       Bras can block natural breast development or cause cancer

Not true. A bra is worn for support and will not impinge in any way on breast development, as long as it is comfortable and fits properly. Bras also do not cause breast cancer, but again, they must fit properly and should not interrupt healthy circulation. Proper blood and lymphatic circulation is essential for optimal breast health.

Myth #7       Bras should be worn night and day to stop sagging

The breasts have their own internal support system, called Cooper’s Ligaments, which over time and without extra support, will stretch to an extent. Wearing a bra is the easiest way to supplement this natural support. Wearing a bra at night or during sleep is unnecessary. It is actually healthier to give the breasts a break from a bra (especially those with underwires) so that the body’s natural systems for flushing toxins  works properly throughout the breasts.


So there you have it: the top underwear myths debunked.  Stay tuned for more underwear fun facts and historical snippets next week!